Thursday, January 31, 2013

Three Cool Things

This Disney Short is getting a lot of attention.  I know a lot of people who find it corny, but I love it!  This is what it's supposed to feel like, right!?  :)

I'm kind of obsessed with beautiful bugs.  This one is cool...

This is either cool, or totally terrifying.  I'm a little on the fence (completely freaked out).  Read the article about the Bionic Man HERE


  1. Dear Joy,
    The man is soooooo creepy... I really love the short movie, it's beautiful... welcome back in childhood.
    Thank you for this post :)
    Much love from France

  2. Awe...the short film is too adorable!

  3. Hey Joy

    I totally love anything Disney. Thanks for sharing this video it was great to watch. I had never seen it before which made it even more fun. Your obession with bugs, I think is really cool. You always pick the nice ones. The you shared I think is very cool. The bionic man scares the hell out of me. So I would go with it being terrifying.

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. Hey joy this ideas are pretty but the short film is sweet and adorable! I like the Disney's cartoon aspecially cinderella but this is wonderful! :) <3


    Julia Marie

  5. You and bugs, hahaha! Love it!! :)

    I just remembered how you showed us your bug earrings in another Three Cool Things a while ago ;)

    1. People usually say; you had me at hello, but you had me at Paperman Short Film. (Night humour)

  6. Joy! Okay a few things.. as always.. I have something to say:).. Umm okay so the Disney short is so freaking cute. I was smiling the whole time! It warmed my heart. Second the bug thing.. very cool. One of my very great friends is into stuff like that. I got her a really awesome tarantula and some butterfly from Mexico or somewhere. Very neat stuff. And last but not least, the bionic man thing.. I'm a diabetic so reading that was super cool. Gives people like me a little I guess hope? Pretty cool stuff this week lady.. but your stuff is always cool so whatever:)

  7. Thank you for these three things cool. Personally I love this Disney I find it very original. For the bionic man, me too I am afraid. And the insect, it is cute .. and cool :)Thank your for all this sharing :)

  8. That short vid is just sweetest thing ever seen! Was smiling like an idiot when it finshed..

  9. Short film was super cute! The bionic man, I agree wit you I'm on the fence about it as well. Seems cool to a certain extent. Thanks for sharing! -Daisha

  10. I found the Disney movie romantic as one pleases, a little of love in this world of brutes! Lol...
    Concerning the golden green beetle I find it rather nice.
    The bionic man on the other hand very disturbing like you.
    Thank you for this sharing Joy

  11. Voltando de viagem estou achando tudo da Disney
    Minha viagem foi ótima e estou escrevendo os posts. A cada 2 dias tem um novo texto no blog. Quando você viaja? Se for logo e tiver alguma dúvida é só perguntar. Quanto à demora no aeroporto vai depender da quantidade de voos chegando para passar pela imigração, no meu caso demoramos pq estávamos em grupo e esperamos por todos. Acredito que dê para fazer sua conexão tranquilamente. Bjos

  12. Hi Joy ! Thank you so much for sharing this little movie with us !it's so cute and romantic i really loved it we need more romance like that in our lives i know it's just a movie but i was really touched by it and the beautiful story in it :)
    Have a great week end Joy

    Love from france

  13. That short film is just too cute! Disney and Pixar get me every time...

  14. I Have My Version Of Three Cool Things : Family, Friends and passion. This three I think never gets old. =))
    But I like your versions too :D really they are cool.
    I would love to if I could read your biography. not that on wikipedia but something yu think that will help us find answers on some big questions =))

  15. Oh I absolutely loved The Paperman!!! :)

  16. That Paperman animated film was so cute! Thanks for sharing :)xx

  17. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE that short film! <3

  18. Paperman's wonderful! I love it! It's that kinda feeling we all want to feel.

  19. "Paperman" is amazing. I fell in love with that short animated movie. Thank you for show me see that :)

  20. I love that short!! I fell in love with it when I first saw it when I went to see Wreck-It Ralph!! It's adorable!!