Thursday, February 21, 2013

Three Cool Things Thursday

FRAGMENTS - Poems, Intimate Notes and Letters by Marilyn Monroe.

This is totally on my birthday wish-list.

My daughter just turned 2 years old and I had a surprise guest for her... Cinderella!  At this point there are so many pictures of her floating around, that I may as well open one up to the public from me. Here's my precocious Maria and her special birthday friend.

I've included this in Three Cool things because I wanted to tell you all about the FABULOUS Cinderella costume I had made by BitsNScraps.  It is stunning and, best of all, made in the USA by a hardworking mom.  If you're daughter is in need of a princess costume, call on Chelsea, the maven behind the business.

The other cool thing about this photo was the "Cinderella" I found via a thorough Google search.  The company is Los Angeles based, so, this will only be helpful for a small percentage of you.  However, Kalinda at Wishing Well Entertainment was a beautiful Princess who was so engaging and fun! She was extremely detailed about the character and knew exactly how to fill up her 30 minute visit and even lingered a bit longer.  She sang and danced with the kids, told stories, did magic tricks and was extremely reasonably priced, I thought.

I highly recommend this company if you're looking for party entertainment.



  1. Holy Cow, your little lady is a cutie!

  2. What an amazing mom you are! Such a fun memory for her.

  3. Your daughter is beautiful, what a fun idea for a birthday party. I also have a two year old, but a boy. I should have called up Buzz Lightyear :)

  4. Laure Bovy (@LoVyAMB)February 21, 2013 at 2:30 PM

    Dear Joy,
    Your daughter is just BEAUTIFUL so adorable! Such an amazing birthday. It's a really good idea and Cinderella just look like the Cinderella on Disney! Awesome!
    Much love from France

  5. Hi Joy

    I love your three cool things this week. Your Marilyn Monroe book looks like a great birthday gift idea. Your little Maria is just adorable and totally a mini you. Her little dress is lovely and your Cinderella idea themed party sounds awesome. It looked liked Maria totally loved every one minute of it.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us all


  6. I love love love love that you shared a picture with us :) And your daughter is so adorable, bless her!

  7. The floating around comment got to me, you seem pretty somber about it. I think that sucks and I hope for you and everyone else someday people learn to mind their own.
    On a bright note, I love that Marilyn book and your daughter is adorable. Those eyes are going to melt hearts away.

  8. Maria is just so adorable. She's a little Cinderella! My life long wish includes meeting you in person!

  9. Awwwe! Simply Beautiful. You're a great mom! If you dressed up with her, please share that :)

  10. Very Cool ! Your daughter is so beautiful !

  11. Oh My Goodness!!! Maria is so adorable! Happy 2nd Birthday! Loved Cinderella growing up!

    Thanks for sharing the pic! :)

    - @jennf82

  12. Joy, your daughter is so precious!!
    Hope she had a wonderful birthday!

    All the best! xoxo

  13. I really love Marilyn Monroe. I am defiantly going to have to find that. Joy.. Maria is so beautiful. The dress is beautiful and the Cinderella is beautiful. I love princess themed parties. My niece had one for her 4th birthday. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for this weeks cool things. They rock. As always. Have a nice weekend Joy! oh and happy birthday to Ms. Maria!

  14. Awww Happy Birthday Maria. :) We share a birthday (Joy and I) and our daughters have very close birthdays. neat.
    Loved the dress!

  15. Your daughter is so beautiful and I think her birthday looked lovely. God bless you both. Much love.

  16. Hi Joy,
    This new post is really great. I'd love to read "Fragments" and discover Marilyn's notes and letters, I guess it's really interesting to read.
    This photo you posted on this article is really precious, your daughter is so pretty ! She's lucky to have a mom like you, who organized a little party with Cinderella, I think it's the dream of all the little girls to meet this princess, really cool idea Joy ! Thank you for sharing these cool things with us Joy! Send you love from France, xoxo. @FanBJoyLenz , Emeline :)

  17. Thank you for these cool things. dress your little girl is just beautiful, as she and Cinderella. It is a pity that there is no society like this one in France, but it's really an great idea . The book on Marilyn Monroe looks great. I'm a big fan of this woman. Thank you for these lovely sharing. Happy Birthday to your lovely little Maria :)
    Xo, Nathalie

  18. Thank you fro sharing your lovely little lady with us all Joy. She is a beauty just like her Mom. And Happy 2nd birthday Maria. I can't believe how fast it goes. My "baby" turned three in October and her baby sister is due in June. It really does fly. So glad you get to enjoy your time with Maria and it's so fun to share it with you.

  19. Maria is a beauty. I showed my girls this picture and now my 5 year old wants Cinderella at her next party.

  20. Hi Joy! Maria is adorable and looks like a lot like you! :)

    Although late Happy birthday to your Baby! :)

    Thanks for the beautiful photo of your daughter , it's a beautiful surprise!


    Julia Marie

  21. Maria is sooo cute and beautiful, just like her mom ♥

  22. Hello Joy!
    Your daughter Maria is great cute in Cinderela's costume really magnificent realization of Chelsea.
    As for Kalinda she's extraordinary she looks like the character.
    I had heard already to speak about that in one broadcast.
    My younger daughter also adores Cinderella she's "gaga" of her; there then I very well the delight which it has been for Maria.
    I like the subject on Marilyn Monroe, I hope your wish will be exhausted for your birthday dear Joy!
    Thank you again for it fabulous sharing which makes me dream by being grown-up.

  23. What a precious picture of your baby girl. She is stunningly beautiful just like her mom:) Thanks for sharing a very precious part of your life with the world:)

  24. I'm Italian, I will follow you just about anywhere .. One day I would like to meet you to tell you how close you have taught me.
    Thanks to OTH but also because of what you write here, the culture that you transmit to us ..
    I love your country, I love the United States of America, and your beautiful baby girl, her name as me.
    I hope you have a great life as the joy that I have passed on, because you and Maria deserve the best!

  25. Hi Joy your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! Happy Late Bday Maria! :) <3

  26. Oh my good Lord Maria is simply ADORABLE. I actually haven't seen any other pictures of her other than the one you shared when she was born, but that could also be because I've never searched. I feel it's your business to share as many or as little pictures of your daughter as you want. Everyone needs privacy and especially at the sake of your family, it should be respected. Thank you though for sharing this information, I will pass it along to my sister who has young ones and is always looking for creative birthday party ideas!

  27. Hi Bethany!!! I'm one of your biggest fan!You're an amazing actress and I loved Haley! I miss Oth so much.. but fortunately here in Italy is going on the remake since the first season!!!!
    Your daughter is amazing as much as you!!!!And this picture with cinderella is so beautiful...happy bday to her!!!
    You're amazing.. I'm in love with your web site!
    If you want check it out mine :)
    A big kisss

    Be Happy with Fashion

  28. You're daughter is very adorable. I hope she had a wonderful birthday

  29. Your daughter is more than cute!!! what a beautiful little head she has! Happy birthday to her again.
    Love, Laura (France)

  30. Hi!
    Your daughter is beautiful!
    Wish her a happy birthday from me. I'm sure she loved her birthday.
    Me and my boyfriend is watching OTH all over again and we love the wonderful job you all have been doing. He has'nt seen the final season, so I'm exhighted about what he will think about it.

    Sitting here now and listens to the songs from the old fashion -episode in one tree hill. And loving it. As I always do with your music. If you have the time I would love to hear more from you. And I wish so badly that the song ''mirror'' would be on spotify. I can'y find it anywhere. Tip someone?

    Love from your big fan in Sweden!
    You are amazing Bethany in all kind of ways!


  31. Hi Joy,
    My husband got me that book about Mariyn Monroe. It has some awesome things in it. It is just really cool to see things Marilyn wrote in her own handwriting. I can't wait to try your drink. I am going to wait until I go and visit my friend Anne. She and I are both OTH junkies. I think it is so awesome that you write this blog for your fans.

  32. Joy keep writing OTH junkies like me and fans of you in general love it! I am a full time mommy of two adorable children. Reading your blog give me creative ideas and gives me a few minutes to relax and do something for myself. BTW- I have the book, "Fragments" and I think it is a must have for any Marilyn Monroe fan.

  33. Aw, this is absolutely adorable, how lovely! :D <3
    Please tell your daughter, Maria that I wish her a wonderful 2nd birthday, I am sure she had a GREAT day thanks to her supermom! :)
    Love to you and Maria!
    Your biggest fan,

  34. Marilyn Monroe's book of poems, that sounds like an invigorating and inspiring read! :)
    Hope all is well, and I LOVE the party ideas you came up with for your BEAUTIFUL daughter, Maria! Joy, please wish her a belated happy birthday for me! It looks like she had a fabulous time as a princess and getting to spend it with a fellow princess- Cinderella! :D
    Best wishes,

  35. What a beautiful little princess, you have !! she look's like you Joy. Best wishes for you two, from France