Tuesday, February 26, 2013


 Morning!  Thought you'd enjoy seeing a few pics from a lovely little party i visited for the One Year Anniversary of my favorite boutique on Sunset Boulevard, Lenceria.  Owner Julianna laid out a sweet spread, literally, and my mouth is watering as we speak-- type.  Whatever.

Also, I don't eat at a lot of food truck, but this LA-based truck, "in-fusion
 is KILLER good.  I'm looking for them all over now.

happy tuesday xo


  1. Hey Joy

    This is a great entry and the party looks fab. I love all your pictures. Have to say that the food from the food truck looks lovely.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hi joy !this is so good to see you blogging again i missed you ! Thanks for sharing this little moment of your life with us the food looks great it would be cool if you could send some by internet :) i never tasted the food truck i'm a little afraid of this kind of food ! But maybe i'll try one day !
    I send you all my love !

  3. It looks like a lovely party and I'm sure that I'd be very fat if I lived anywhere near one of those food trucks! Hmmm.

    Thanks for sharing it with us all.


  4. Whatever blogpost about food is always awesome! Wish we had these truck food thing tho ;)

  5. Morning Joy ! Thank you for sharing a new entry with us. It looks like a great party, the food and especially these donuts sounds delicious ! Haha. I want to eat some donuts right now, thanks Joy haha. I never tasted the food truck, I never saw a food-truck here in my location, maybe it doesn't exist in France lol. I'd love to tasted one day, maybe if I've the chance to come in USA. Thanks for sharing ! Xoxo, Emeline. @FanBJoyLenz :)

  6. Thanks for sharing!!
    Have a great day!!
    Shelby :)

  7. Good morning Joy!
    That looks kind delicious! Hmmm, that tempts especially that at the moment in France it's hour of the snack. It's true that at our home there's no this kind of food trucks to my knowledge.
    Magnificent photos thank you for having shared with us a little of your culinary adventure!
    Xoxo, have a good journey!


  8. Laure Bovy (@LoVyAMB)February 26, 2013 at 8:14 AM

    Dear Joy,
    Thanks for sharing, it looks like delicious! I have written the shop on my head !
    I've missed post & tweets & Instagram photos about you...
    Much love from France

  9. Ok, well, now I'm officially hungry. It's 12pm here...I'm off for lunch! ;) Happy Tuesday Joy!

  10. Thanks for sharing! The boutique looks so cute! I go to LA once a month I'll have to check it out!

    Have a great week!


  11. Hi Joy, thanks for sharing with us! Happy tuesday!!


    Julia Marie

  12. Thank you for sharing and these beautiful pictures. It really makes you want to taste all these things that look really delicious. I remember the name of the shop for my first coming to Los Angeles for the end of year 2013 :) I hope find your blog tomorrow for Wednesday wardrobe :) Have a good day.
    Xo. Nathalie

  13. Everything looks SO delicious!! Thanks for sharing!

    Hope you're doing well Joy, we've missed you on Instagram and Twitter!
    All the best! xoxo

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  15. All of that looks so good! I'm definitely gonna have to check it out when I visit LA again :) Thanks for sharing Joy!

  16. Hey, i am a huge fan :) I love OTH <3 I am at season 7 now. I have seen every season from 1-7 :D why did you guys stop making more seasons of One tree hill?

  17. looks so good!