Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday

 Sweatshirt:  I have no ideaGlitter Top: MuddDenim: MotherShoes: Michael Kors

Top: Bebe
Jacket: American Eagle Outfitters
Skirt: Laundry (reclaimed vintage)
Belt: Vintage Christian Dior
Boots:  Clarks Indigo


  1. Hey Joy

    I LOVE your outfit choices this week, you look amazing in both of them. I have to say my favourite is the second one. The way you are styling the skirt is fab. I also really like the way you have your hair. Back in the first picture I love your shoes.

    Thanks for sharing a great wardrobe wednesday with us. I hope your having a good week.


  2. Laure Bovy (@LoVyAMB)February 13, 2013 at 12:18 PM

    My dear Joy,
    Yessssss! a new wardrobe wednesday, I love it. The sweatshirt is sweet and I love your little red shoes, so cute. They will be amazing with the belt in the second picture. Thanks for sharing <3
    Much love from France

  3. hi I'm a new follower, i am a fan of oth!
    I love your style!
    kisses from Italy!

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  5. Very nice wardrobe Wednesday. I love your outfit on the 2nd and 3rd pics. Your shoes on the first picture are very nice as well as denim. Thank you for sharing :)

  6. My goodness I adore the sweatshirt!!!! Sad that you don't remember where it's from tho :(

  7. OMG! These outfit are beautiful, i love it so much especially the skirt, the top and the danim with these red shoes!! <3


    Julia Marie

  8. The jumper is fab! Such a simple but stylish outfit - totes up my street. And the skirt is fantastic, so pretty yet with the rest of the outfit it has an edgy cool vibe going on. Excellent choices!

    Charlotte, UK xo

  9. Great Wardrobe Wednesday! Love these outfits :)


  10. 2 Questions:

    What does the tattoo say on your foot?
    Where did you get the cabinet behind you?


  11. Joy, you look stunning!! Your outfits are to die for! Love them!
    Especially loving the tribal print on your sweater and the vintage hi-low skirt. SO GORGEOUS!

    Also, I saw the Abbyson Living catalog and you are looking radiant. You deserve to be on that cover!
    Take care,
    Hilary xoxo

  12. Love anything you wear. Love your song, Desperate Gown. Amazing song. Amazing voice.

  13. Hello Bethany!

    In the 1st photo I adore too much your red shoes, in 2nd your flounced skirt and your pink belt is so classy!
    With this hairstyle I find you really great attractive.
    Thank you again to make us share your look every on Wednesday it's brilliant!


  14. That skirt is to die for! Love it. Your style is timeless Joy, you pull it off effortlessly.

  15. You look lovely as ever. Keep em styling. You look good in anything you wear. You are as beautiful as ever.

  16. You always look so cute! Love the skirt and belt :)

  17. So you are pretty much the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Your style is always flawless and fun. I seriously look forward to Wednesday every week because of this.

  18. I'm loving the second look, with the boots from the third. really cute. Glad wardrobe Wednesday is back, it gives me inspiration for my own outfits. Looking forward to next week. Love your style.

  19. Hello, I ♥ your frist look : he's really beautiful !
    The red choose with your pullover are beauty (in french: il est beau !)... And have you got a tattoo on your foot ?? So, send me message on my e-amil adress : if you want !
    XOXO ♥♥

  20. What beautiful outfits! Love you Joy xx

  21. love your style can I have your wardrobe please! ha
    always been a big fan!
    much love....assistant buyer- England