Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I know...

It's been a while.  Pilot season for a single mother has been KA-RAY-ZAY!  I dug out a few poems from my recent collection just to give you a little hello :)  xox

 Dear Housewives of 1950

He’s holding your hand
He’s got the wire-tap into the Big Man

Don’t you understand
how badly you need him leading?

He’s got it his way
Sweet, you’re the weak one-- ruled by emotion

Aren’t you so obliged?
...this savior you never wanted...

But does he touch you?
Does he touch you?

He’s so right on paper
Trying so hard to please all the right ones

They say he’s a gem--
aren’t you lucky you found him, waiting?

And it’s the right way, right?
No asking questions

Why waste your time when you can’t be expected to know right from wrong for yourself when you’re so lost and broken and wounded and in need of this man?

...this “savior” who sanctifies you...

But does he touch you?
Does he touch you?
Does he touch you?


(read part 1 here)

One had not forgotten.
The other, nearly not.
But a wreck is a wreck,
and there's no time for small talk.

“You echo inside me.” she said
He sighed.
And they helped one another tread water.

The boats, now capsized, lent pieces for floating,
and they marveled, disbelieving their sudden desitines, altered.

They steadied themselves
upon the broken wood
in two seperate slices they’d tied.

But this sea was gentler
and they would not lose each other
--not yet, anyway, unless they tried.

The question was not “if”, but “how?”
for both ships needed rebuilding

...Unless they made one,
Except they could not decide
to sail toward the depths or the ceilings.

Rather than forcing one way or the other
they sat and they smiled and they loved
and they dreamed and remembered 
and slowly, and quickly discovered

they were headed the same way after all...

-BJL  xo


  1. Beautiful. Enjoy pilot season!


  2. Love both Reappearing Act poems, just beautiful!

  3. Laure Bovy (@LoVyAMB)March 12, 2013 at 9:48 AM

    Dear Joy!
    It's sooooooo good to "see" you back ! I can choose my favorite poems... There are so beautiful. I hope you had fun during the pilot. I can't wait to see you on Men At Work! I watch the first season and I love it. It's really funny.
    by the way you look gorgeous at the Lakers event!
    much love from France

  4. This is so great to hear from you joy i missed you :) i hope the pilot season went great for you and that we will see you on our screens soon and a lot :) can't wait to see what's next for you and see you in other roles (although i will love haley for the rest of my life !!) and by the way you were stunning at the lakers event your hair was amazing i'd love to see more about it and about your outfit maybe in a wardrobe wednesday ?!
    I send you all my love !

  5. I check your blog every day during my lunch break at work and I'm always glad to see a new post to give me something fun to read! P.S. I hope by Pilot season you mean that you're going to be back on our TVs soon! I would love to see you in another series :)

  6. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! I've missed you!!!! So happy that you'll go to this convention!!! Aaaah!! *checking flights*

  7. Hi joy

    These poems are great and I love getting to read about how you are feeling. I hope pilot season is going great for you. Thanks for sharing this with us all.


  8. Nice to "see" you back Joy :) And nice to see you're happy ;)
    xo from France !

  9. Both poems are beautiful.
    Good luck with the pilots, I'm sure something good will come out of it! You're too talented for it not to happen.
    All the best!

  10. hi joy!

    i'm so excited to see your newest post!
    i've been checking your blog everyday for updates :)
    btw, when i learned that you'll be guesting in men at work season 2 i immediately watched men at work season 1 :)) i'm so excited that you're back!!

    xoxo from the philippines

  11. Hi Joy... we missed you so much! I'm glad for your return in your fantastic blog, thanks for this! <3 This poem are great! I knew that in october you will go in France for a convetion! I'm so happy to see you and the wonderful James, he is very sexy!


    Julia Marie

  12. No worries, I think everybody understands how busy you are and we're very grateful that you even take time to share things with us.

    And please, you NEED to publish these! I speak for myself but there are so many poems out there that aren't half as good as yours. Seriously, you should think about it.

    I loved the first one as it's a subject that hits close to home so thank you for that. And the second one is just marvelous about how two souls who were clearly destined to be together and are reunited after a long journey of being separated and facing hardships. Be happy!

  13. Absolutely wonderful poems! Love them both! :D <3
    These two poems speak volumes, of that I can tell.
    Also, I am looking forward to checking out this new show of yours, sounds like the pilot went quite well!
    Well, hope all is well!
    Love from,

  14. Great to hear from you again !

  15. Hi Joy!

    Thanks to share with us. I'm happy for you for pilot. You're a wonderwoman don't forget that as quite the moms.
    Poems are very inspirate, great.
    Good luck for continuation.
    Xoxo. ♥

  16. Hi Joy, what a pleasure to see you back, you've missed. Thank you for these two poems are very beautiful and very touching. it is a real pleasure to discover every time all your sharing. Thank you for that. Welcome back ;)
    Xo, Nathalie.

  17. These poems are beautiful and full of talent, as are you!

  18. These poems really touched me, deep. Especially "Does he touch you?" and the last one was so meanful. You're so talanted!! And you're amazing and I really love you, can't seriously tell how much you've done for me. aaaand I kinda just started to cry over here *fandork* It's just, every time I think of how much you've done for my life and how much you inspire me, I can't hold it in. Thank you for being you.

  19. I bet Hollywood is just jealous of you coz you are so, so, talented. You are an actor, a singer, a songwriter,a poet, you can even write a book and maybe have your own book store. You are a producer/director, you are a damn good mom, your fashion sense is amazing, you can knit, you can sew and so far can do covers no one else can. And you are so beautiful.
    So, so talented. You have inspired so many people. We love you, JOY.

  20. wow! this poems are really good! <3

  21. I love both poems and definitely can't wait to see u on tv again