Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday

I was looking for a unique way to add sparkle to a bland, 60's-cut sweater... but it needed to be MY kind of sparkle.  I dove into my vintage jewelry box and retrieved a few crystal shoe clips and some dazzling earrings and made a little Vintage Collage Brooch!

Also, I can't stop wearing THIS outfit...

xo BJL


  1. Hi Joy ! I just want you to know that you inspired me everyday. Thank you for being the person that you are.
    I really love all your posts.
    Your style and your poems. You really are a good writer.

    Have a nice day and take care ! :)

    - Justine (A French fan)

  2. You look fab!!! :) And man, that brooch, me like!

  3. Dear Joy,
    Like always you look gorgeous! Beautifl WW. I missed that.
    Much love from France

  4. Thank you for this nice wardrobe Wednesday. Jewelry and pins are really nice, I love it. Your outfit on the last two pictures you will sublimely well, I'm fan :) Thanks for sharing.
    Xo from France.

  5. Glad to have you back on blogging, LOVE your Wardrobe Wednesday!

    xo Helene

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  7. Do you know of any good, yet affordable, vintage or thrift shops in Manhattan?

  8. Beautiful! I love the brooch, it is so vintage and adorable! You are such an inspiration to me and I love how you update us with posts as much as you can. I am a huge fan of you as a person and also in One Tree Hill. That show, and your character, has helped me through so much. You are such an insightful, gracious, and wonderful person. Thank you for the're so inspiring!

  9. Hey Bethany ! I can finally talk to you ! You're outfits are great, and they'll go great ! It's genial continues this esy that inspires us ! I'm one of your biggest fans french !!
    I love you. <3 <3
    I home you receveid my letter home ?!!! ;P

  10. Hi Joy !
    One word : fabulous ! I love the brooch you made, your creativity is absolutely amazing ! I really appreciate the second outfit on you, it's not really my style of clothes but on you I really love it. You're gorgeous in every photos you posted ! Send you love from France, xoxo. @FanBJoyLenz :)

  11. Seriously, can I hire you to be my stylist? Every outfit you put up for Wardrobe Wednesday I LOVE, yet I would never think to put together myself.

  12. Hi!
    Dear Joy, I adore the association of the jewels which you assembled.
    I like your hairstyle and really your long skirt and all your look today. So cute Maria on back!
    Have a good journey.
    Xoxo from France.

  13. Hi Joy

    I love your wardrobe Wednesday this week. Your are so creative when it comes to fashion and making things. You did a lovely job with the brooch. Your looking so happy and lovely in all your pictures. I just love all the outfits on you. My favourite is the second outfit and its so sweet to Maria in the picture copying you pose. Thanks for sharing with us.


  14. Hi Joy... These are beautiful ideas!! The Brooch are wonderful and your style is fantastic... and your outfit is great... I love your style so much that I try to imitate and also in furnishing home I always try a vintage style like you!

    you're the best! thank you very much! <3


    Julia Marie

  15. HELLO Joy : )

    You inspire me all the time. I'm sure you inspire a lot of young woman. I seriously need to shop with you some day <3 Your musical, and acting talent is just out of this world and me personally I know you get a lot of praise but one more from me won't hurt lol. Stay beautiful and strong

    -Love your fan from NY

  16. Love it as always Ms. Lenz:) I absolutely adore that sweater. Anyways.. glad you came back even if for a second. I get excited when you come around:)

  17. I ADORE that skirt. Probably one of my favourite pieces of your Wardrobe Wednesdays!
    I also LOVE what you created with your jewelry- so creative and vintage-looking!
    Hope you and Maria are doing well!

  18. Hey Joy! That is my kind of bling!...Am thinking you should do a tutorial...? :)
    Love ya!

  19. Love the broach, love the outfit! Inspired and inspiring. :)

  20. In this moment i watch One tree hill :) i just love it and you are soo.. fantastic! :)
    I'm sorry for my bad english.. I come from germany :).
    greetings! <3.

  21. Hello, Joy!

    Thank you for your amazing post! You're inspiring me all the time.
    I started write a drama script because of you. While I wrote my script I always imagine you for my main character, Michelle's role. Your my favorite actress and singer. You're very talented and I hope we will meet one day. :)

    Have a wonderful day!

    Judit from Hungary

  22. I just heard about Dexter! Congrats! Happy for you!

  23. You are so beautiful! :) And my inspiration!

  24. Lovely outfits Joy!
    Amazing, as always! I see your daughter in the bottom of the one photo, she looks like she's having fun with her mom. :D
    All the best,
    Maria (Love from your biggest fan, and a HUGE OTH fan-!)

  25. Hey Joy! I absolutely love your style! You're truly an inspiration and I miss seeing you every week on One Tree Hill.

  26. Hi Joy !

    Your photos are beautiful !
    Thanks for your personality, your voice, your talents and your poems !
    You're beautiful !

    See you later !
    Elodie (a french fan)