Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday

First look is for church on Sunday
Shades: Jill Stuart
Blazer: J Cooper
Top: Sandro
Necklace: Lia Sophia
Denim: Mother
Belt: Vintage Anthropologie
Shoes: Seychelles

 Next look for an event I visited last night at Kinera Spa in Beverly Hills.  
Travassa resorts threw a little party with amazing food and a Mixologist making Hawaiian inspired cocktails with fresh ingredients

Jacket: Parker
Top: love | tree
Denim: Mother Jeans in grey/green
Shoes: Shoe Mint
Necklace & Ring: Lia Sophia


  1. Dear Joy,
    Yeeeeeeeeeeees! I'm so glad you make a WW of last night event! Totally in love with your shoes! You are just GORGEOUS! Really love the first look, the blazer is so cool and the shoes *-*
    Thank you so much Joy <3
    Much love from France

  2. Ooooohh I so love, love, loved your outfit last night!! And the church outfit is fab too! :)

    PS. I love that it looks like your hair is dip dyed! ;)

  3. Hi joy

    I totally love your wardrobe Wednesday like I do every week. I love both of the outfits, you decided to share this week. I'm so glad you decide to put in the second one, I really wanted to know about that one. I was actually able to guess for myself just from looking at the pictures that your jeans were from mother. Out of the two outfits choices my favourite is the first one and I just love everything about it.

    I hope your having a good week and thanks for sharing with us.

  4. I really, really love the last one. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

    Have a great rest of week.

  5. Your wardrobe Wednesday is really beautiful, I love completely. I'm glad you put your second outfit that I really love after having seen your pictures during your evening at Kinera Spa in Beverly Hills. Your first outfit is just as lovely. Impossible to say which I prefer, I like both have the same. Thank you for sharing. I wish you a good week :)

    Xo. Nathalie.

  6. I love your Shoemint heels in the second outfit so much!!
    As always, both outfits are so stylish! Thanks for sharing, and take care Joy!

    Hope you're having a wonderful day. :)

  7. Hi Joy!

    I like so much the first top and also Mother's jeans. You're very pretty and natural.Yellow shoes are original and cool on you. Thanks for sharing with us a lot of anecdots and yours wardrobes wenesday.


  8. Holy potatoes.... I'm not the only guy that follows, am I!?

    1. I don't think so :)

    2. Thanks Anonymous, LOL!!! At first I felt a little weird, and then realized, I don't care! The guys that aren't following are missing out on an awesome girl!!!

  9. So yeah.. wardrobe Wednesday is always my favorite so I was totally excited to see that.. but I also wanted to say that I love the new "wish you were here" photo.. very rad. have a great week lady:)

  10. Hey Joy... Great job for the new design of your blog, It's simple but very very very beautiful! Your outfits are WONDERFUL, especially the outfit for the night to Beverly Hills, it's my fovourite and the shoes are so beautiful, i want them me too! **


    Julia Marie

  11. love your style, and the blogs new look :D <3 !

  12. Loving the update! p.s. your shower curtain is rad :)

  13. Love the outfits and the new blog style! I think I am going to have to get myself a pair of Mother jeans, so stylish!

  14. Joy, I love your look and also your blogs! you look great :) J.

  15. LOVE both outfits! Thanks so much for sharing and love the new blog background! :)

  16. Hello Joy,
    I really love this Wardrobe Wednesday. I love your two outfits, they're both fabulous. It's absolutely the kind of clothes I LOVE ! That's why this WW is one of my favourite. I love wearing these kind of clothes. Yours are amazing, I really appreciate your style. Can't wait to discover the next WW. Send you love from France, xoxo. Emeline :)@FanBJoyLenz

  17. Great job for the new design of your blog, It's very nice!
    Your outfits are WONDERFUL, you are wonderful. I love your look :)

    Love from Switzerland xoxo

  18. Hey Joy,

    Loving your outfits as always, it's something I would wear I really love the blazer in your first picture :D
    I am also loving your new blog lay out ;)

    I also want to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy birthday!!! Hope you have a very relaxing day xx

  19. Happy birthday Joy! I hope you have a wonderful birthday with love and cake :) Love your blog and I'm a huge fan of both you and One Tree Hill <3

    Birthday love from Norway xo

  20. I like this style.
    Greetings from Poland!:)

  21. Hi Joy !
    I'm French and I don't very speack English... :-P
    I wanted to say I love everything you do, and I love you of course ! I think the adventure you lived in One Tree Hill should be extraordinary ! You are a role model for me, especially not change anything because you're really great !
    Escuse me for my bad english :-)
    I hope you will answer me one day...
    Bethany, I really love you, and thank you for all that you do, it makes me smile when I'm not well..

    Please answer me :-)

    Have a good day, and your daugther too :-)

    Elodie, your fan !

  22. Hi Joy !

    I love your look for wednesday :-)


  23. I absolutely love this style , love from Paris :)

  24. Love your style Joy! Keep it up, good inspiration!

    Love from Sweden
    xoxo <3

  25. You look so amazing!