Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Am

Happy Thanksgiving to you all…  Please take the time to check into Netflix and watch this paradigm-shifting documentary from the director of Ace Ventura & Bruce Almighty.  This will seriously give you food for thought about for WHAT exactly you're grateful…


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  3. Hi Joy

    Thanks so much for sharing this powerful video with us all. It really does give us all something to think about. I hope you and Maria have a really fun thanksgiving surrounded by your family and friends.

    Zara :)

  4. Dear Joy,
    Great video! Thanks for sharing. I'm thankful for my sisters & for my friends. I am thankful to be safe.... Happy thanksgiving Joy! Enjoy it with all the people you love <3
    Take care xoxo from France


  5. Hi Joy,

    Thanks for this beautiful and powerful video. I'm thankful for my family, my friends, my life and thankful for all you give me by your music, your talent of actress and your humanity.
    Happy Thanksgiving Joy. I wish a beautiful day with your family, friends and all the people you love. :)
    Take care. Much love from France


  6. Hi Joy!
    Happy thanksgiving for you, your family.
    Thanks for sharing this video it's amazing.
    I'm thankful for my family and friends.

  7. I have been ill all my life to varying degrees. I am seriously ill and predominantly bedridden, I have been since i was 16, i turned 30 this year. My beloved moma died when i was 19. I do not know how long i have left, like noone does.
    I am truly thankful above all for God, for the fact that love is louder than any trial, for my family, for my new baby niece, for those near my life, for medications that help keep me alive, for things and treasures of my mums that i am blessed with having, for the advocacy work i have started and all that that has brought, i am grateful for technology and the internet and the connections it can bring, for music, for television and film, for poetry, for my having kept my child's eye, for my bed, for these walls that keep me safe, for smiles, sighs and contentment, for the ability to see blessings all around me no matter what is happening circumstantially, and for sooo many things,
    Including you dear Ms Lenz, you are a benediction.
    Happy thanksgiving to you and yours ma'am. Thank you for everything.
    Much love to everyone
    Alison bell
    God bless x x

  8. Amazing! Spot on where I'm about in my life. So sharing this. :-)